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Creating applications for the first time equals making mistakes for the first time, only with software this can be quite expensive. So why not run your architecture, network design proposal, data domain ideas through someone who has built and maintained allot of them?


CTO as a Service (CaaS)

Running a project that intersects with IT requires IT knowledge, that might not be laying around, get a jump on the challenges and hire someone who knows common pitfalls and can get you on the right track.

Where I could be of service

Looking through the business requirements, to the IT landscape, optimizing, refining, laying out a strategy that will cut costs and increase productivity. This is an extremely diverse field, from setting up servers to team morale and everything in between.


Rubber duck with a Senior

So you want to create something, how? What techniques, languages, frameworks, development team?

Lets have a ☕

Over a cup of coffee, let's just sit and talk. Go over all of the points, issues you have second thoughts over and just refine them. Let's take it one cup at a time.


IT purchase broker

Thinking about hiring a company to create your application, but no technical knowledge within your organization? Scared of vendor lockins, does the SLA seem steep?

Just like buying a house

Someone who keeps your best interest in mind watches out for vendor lockins, outdated techniques, or just plain unmaintainable code. Basically all the important information nobody talks about.


Throughout the years, I’ve been in contact with multiple facets of the IT landscape. My passion is in web development, this is because of the short iteration to optimize the product and the ability to make data-driven decisions. I love it when people use the product that I’ve helped to develop, so web and mobile are ideal!


Back-End Development

Like in life most of the interesting stuff happens behind the scenes, this is especially true in development. Api's, integrations, back-ends, services, jobs, searching, storage you name it. This is where I’m at home.



Development tools:




Front-End Development

Back-ends need to interact with something consumer-facing, so front-end development is also a large part of an app. Creating pixel-perfect interfaces is not really my cup of tea, what I like to do is create functional interfaces using some sort of framework for ease, speed, and consistency.



Development tools:





Back-ends with front-ends need to run somewhere and store some data, access some database rows, maybe have an optimized search layer, with a CiCd to automate it all. This is something I really enjoy setting up.


Github ActionsCircleCiCodePipelinesAWSAzureGoogle CloudDockerHubDokkuHerokuFlynnHetznerDigitalOceanCloud66

Development tools:



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Since I’m mostly active in the back-end creating some sort of portfolio proved to be quite the task. So I hope with this carousel of cards you will get a gist of what I’m capable of.

Over mij

I'm a coder born in Capelle aan den IJssel, just under the skirt of Rotterdam (NL). At a very young age, I fell in love with computers.

My dad was also pretty interested in computers, taught me batch scripts in MS-DOS when I was about 9 years old, on a 286DX with the turbo always on. We were one of the first in the neighborhood with a dial-up connection, followed by the ISDN with trunk mode, followed by DSL, Cable, and finally Fiber. The possibilities of connecting these machines to each other machines were so intriguing that I started experimenting with VPNs, LAMP stacks, FTP servers at the age of 14.

Time to chose a direction for my future education, one of the simplest choices of my life, so I enrolled in Computer Sciences at the HRO in Rotterdam. The education was a breeze, and i did it part-time while working at a digital agency. The code monkey was born!

On a personal note, I’m a proud father of 3 kids. Engaged to my beautiful wife-to-be. Festival lover, hanging out with friends, boating in the canals, and of course vacation. Work hard Play hard!


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IBAN:NL56 RABO 0361 7230 08