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Throughout the years, i've been in contact with multple facets of the IT-landscape. My passion is in webdevelopment, this is because of the short iteration to optimize the product and the ability to make data-driven descisions. I love it when people use the product that i've helped to develop, so web and mobile are ideal!


Back-End Development

Like in life most of the interesting stuff happens behind the scenes, this is especially true in development. Api's, integrations, back-ends, services, jobs, searching, storage you name it. This is where i'm at home.



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Front-End Development

Back-ends need to interact with something consumer facing, so front-end development is also a large part of an app. Creating pixelperfect interfaces is not really my cup of tea, what i like to do is create functional interfaces using some sort of framework for ease, speed and consistancy.



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Back-ends with front-ends need to run somewhere, and store some data, access some database rows, maybe have an optimized search layer, with a CiCd to automate it all. This is something i really enjoy setting up.

Development Tools:

Github ActionsCircleCiCodePipelinesFargateS3EC2DockerHubDokkuHerokuFlynnHetznerDigitalOcean




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Since im mostley active in the back-end creating some sort of portfolio proved to be quite the task. So I hope with this caroussel of cards you will get a gist of what im capable of.

About me

I'm a coder born in Capelle aan den IJssel, just under the skirt of Rotterdam (NL). At a very young age I fell in love with computers.

My dad was also pretty interested in computers, tought me batch scripts in MS-DOS when i was about 9 years old, on a 286DX with the turbo always on. We where one of the first in the neighberhood with a dial-up connection, followed by the ISDN with trunk mode, followed by DSL, Cable and finally Fiber. The possibilities of connecting these machines to each other machines was so intrueeging that i started experimenting with VPN's, LAMP stacks, FTP servers at the age of 14.

Time to chose a direction for my future education, one of the simplest choices of my life, so i enrolled in Computer Sciences at the HRO in Rotterdam. The education was a breeze, and i did it part time while working at an digital agency. The code-monkey was born!

On a personal note, im a proud father of 3 kids. Engaged to my beautiful wife to be. Festival lover, hanging out with friends, boating in the cannals and offcourse vacation. Work hard Play hard!


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